Ep 109 Pertnear Summer Events update

Summer is here and we are all busier than a 3 peckered billy goat. Wanted to focus this weeks episode on some of the events we have coming up with our Beer release at Windy Brew on August 22nd, the Tethrd Teach and Train at Allied Archery on August 14th. Also wanted to recap my recent vacation to Honeoye lake and the visible effects of the gypsy moths on the area which is concerns to say the least. Updates on our food plots and plans for our western hunting trip this September. Discussion of the deer plan and its changes that are currently on the table and open for public comment and lastly some of the gun legislation that is on the table in the state of NY which is close to heading to the governors desk. A lot going on and important to stay informed. Thanks for listening and hope to see you at the upcoming events!

Tethrd Teach and train signup - Buffalo August 14th

NYS 10 year Deer plan 2021-2030

NYS deer plan comment link



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